Meet us at Radio Beastro where we raise a toast to unconditional love and companionship! The Beastro digs deep into the joys, challenges and discoveries experienced by pet families every day. We will celebrate and explore the popular pet lifestyle currently experienced in 72.9 million U.S. homes. Our focus will be how pets impact our everyday lives—what can we do to make it better, simpler, less expensive and more rewarding. LISTEN NOW!

#21 Spring Into Proper Pet Nutrition

Michael Massie of Young Again Pet Food joins the Beastro to educate us on “no-spin pet nutrition”, and we speak to Gamma2 about air-tight pet food containers to keep kibble fresh! The finishing touch for good pet nutrition is Omega-3. Learn about Ascenta’s pet Omegas for optimal health.

Visit Young Again Pet Food’s Facebook page!

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#20 Pets, Prescription for Senior Health

Pets offer abundant physical, mental and emotional health benefits to senior citizens. According to The Pets For The Elderly Foundation, the presence of a pet is the strongest social predictor of health in seniors recovering from surgery. Amy Robinson, certified Therapy Dogs International evaluator, explains that senior patients become more animated and talkative when interacting with a therapy dog. Rachel Herman tells us how PAWS NY is helping seniors keep companion pets at home through their service offering pet care assistance.

For more information about PAWS NY, providing pet care assistance to elderly citizens:

PAWS NY Facebook:

PAWS NY Twitter: @PAWSny

The foundation generously helping PAWS NY is Amie’s Place Foundation (

Amy Robinson is a certified Therapy Dogs International evaluator and can be reached at


PAWS NY makes it possible for Jade and Arnold to live together.

Mac and Amy Robinson offer Pet-Therapy to Seniors


Show #19 Pet Adoption Heroes

Over 125,000 pets find homes every month thanks to, the online, searchable database for adoptable pets. founder, Betsy Saul visits the Beastro to talk about how got it’s start and how it’s working to end euthanasia as a means to control pet populations. Rogers’ Rescues tells us why adopting pets from foster homes has its benefits and there’s still time to enter the Unconditional Love Muffins Facebook contest.


Show #18 The Things We Do For Pet Love

Have you done some crazy things for the love of your pet? In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’ll hear from pet parents across the U.S. who’ve done funny things or made amazing sacrifices for their pet. Michael Massie of Young Again Pet Food joins the Beastro to educate us on “no-spin pet nutrition”, and our Unconditional Love Muffins Facebook contest promises paw-some prizes for some lucky pets, including Ascenta Omega-3 supplements for dogs, cats or horses.


Young Again Pet Food

Thanks to our guests, Young Again Pet Food founder Michael Massie and Jen Gruba for sharing their no-spin pet nutrition education with us.  Special bonus, Radio Beastro listeners can enjoy a first time order discount of10% by using the code, BEASTRO when purchasing at

The Things We Do For Pet Love: Thanks to all our guests for sharing their heartwarming stories in honor of Valentine’s Day.

*Check out Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted, by Lori A. Moore at

*Matthew Barron’s musical clothing for pets,

*Amy Robinson Dog Training, Vero Beach, FL,

*Follow Hairy Putter as he works like a dog in Mendocino County, CA!

Hairy’s Blog

Hairy’s Commercial (this runs hourly on MCTV’s channel 64 – Comcast)

Hairy workin' 9 to 5.

Welcome our new sponsor, Ascenta! Learn about the benefits of Omega-3 fish oil for your dog or cat (or yourself).

Valentine’s Day Facebook contest

1st prize, a year’s supply of Ascenta Canine Omega-3 or Feline Omega-3

2nd prize, a $50 gift certificate to or

3rd prize, Hartz Angry Birds pet toy prize pack


Show #17 Does Your Pet Need a Tic-Tac?

Caution: Bad breath can spell bad health!

Does your pet have bad breath? Then they may have periodontal disease, the most frequently diagnosed infectious disease in dogs and cats. Heidi Lobprise, DVM DAVDC of Virbac Animal Health joins the Beastro to teach pet parents how to manage a pet’s dental health at home and at their veterinarian’s office. Also, Ascenta is our new sponsor! Product specialist Wendy Porteous tells us how Omega-3 fatty acids can improve our pets’ health and longevity.  Lastly, pet parents are encouraged to enter the Valentine’s Day Facebook contest for great prizes.

Be sure to read more about Virbac Animal Health chews, rinses and toothpastes to help you manage your pet’s dental health at home. Ask your veterinarian about which products would be best for your pet. And watch for special savings on Virbac products in this month’s Dog Fancy or Cat Fancy magazine.

I promised Dr. Lobprise that I would start brushing Chilly’s teeth, and I did!  We started slow this weekend getting him used to the toothpaste and toothbrush. If we can do it so can you:)

Learning to love the toothbrush.

Welcome our new sponsor!

Ascenta! Learn about the benefits of Omega-3 fish oil for your dog or cat (or yourself).

Your pet deserves the benefits of Omega-3 fish oil.

Valentine’s Day Facebook contest

1st prize, a year’s supply of Ascenta Canine Omega-3 or Feline Omega-3

2nd prize, a $50 gift certificate to or

3rd prize, Hartz Angry Birds pet toy prize pack


Show #16 Feline Stress Adressed

Cats outpace dogs as the favorite American pet, but despite our love for them, felines, they have about 50- percent fewer veterinary visits than dogs. Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, past president AAFP joins us to talk about the Cat Friendly Practice initiative. Sherry Wilson, DVM of Ceva tells us about Feliway, pheromone products to de-stress our pets and Donna Bainter, certified behavior trainer at the SPCA Tampa Bay helps Kristen with tips on adopting her next cat.

*Read more about the Cat Friendly Hospital Initiative

Good news for cats and the people who love them!

*Visit for testimonials, to measure your cat’s stress level, a $10 rebate and more!

Feliway, destress your feline.

*Visit for the secret to happy dogs!

*Have a behavior or training question about your pet? Email Donna Bainter at SPCA Tampa Bay or call 727-586-3591 x133.


Show #15 Pets & Paramours

Today, we’re talking pets and marriage. Alison Bowman, marriage expert and author of Project Happily Ever After joins us to talk about how pets can strengthen or weaken a marriage. Kelly Merritt shares a real love story of man, woman and dog and we talk to the creator of the “Croc” inspired pet bed—one lucky winner takes one home.

All about Alisa Bowman: Alisa is a marriage expert for every woman and the author of Project Happily Ever After—a story about saving your marriage when the fairytale falters.




Coauthor: Dangerous Instincts


All about Kelly Merritt:

Kelly Merritt is the author of
”The Everything Family Guide
to Budget Travel” and a culinary
travel writer for several major daily
newspapers and national magazines.


Twitter: @KellyWrites

Facebook: Kelly Merritt

LinkedIn: Kelly Merritt

"Dash" Merritt from Naples

Sasquatch Pet Bed –One bed up for grabs for your pet! Be the first person to post to our Wall on Facebook. Tell us what kind of pet you have.

"Croc" Inpired Pet Bed







Show #14 In The Raw

Supporters of raw feeding for pets believe that the natural diet of raw meat, bones, and organs is superior nutritionally to highly processed commercial pet food. Decide for yourself as homeopathic veterinarian, Dr. Christina Chambreau visits the Beastro to educate us about feeding raw. Geoff Bowers, founder and director of K9Natural (and Feline Natural) stops by to share his story and his passion to bring pets the best diet we can humanly provide. Finally, the scoop on a must-enter pet prize sweepstakes from Tagg.


Dr. Chambreau

Intrigued by feeding raw? Here are more resources provided by internationally known, homeopathic veterinarian, Christina Chambreau, DVM.

Dr. C’s Recommended Books: Rationale for Animals Nutrition – Randy Wysong, Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats, Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet – Steve Brown, See Spot Live Longer – Steve Brown and Beth Taylor, Pottinger’s Cats


Geoff Bowers, founder, director K9Natural and Feline Natural


Tagg’s Pet Safety Promise Sweepstakes

Congratulations to our Listen to Win Contest winners! Each winner will receive one of the following items:

Tagg—The Pet Tracker

Eyenimal Pet Video Camera

Kurgo Pet Safe Auto Travel

Chilly enjoys his snow days in CO



There’s a lot to be learned about how you can help your cats live a healthier more adventurous life—in the safety of their own home! Pam Johnson Bennett, certified cat behavior consultant helps us to “think like a cat” so we can better understand their behavior. What about our dogs? Ruff Wear teaches us about the great dog sport of Joring!


Show #12 Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Cold weather can be fun and exhilarating, especially when you add snow and the holidays, but winter can pose some very serious hazards for our pets.’s Dr. Marty Becker offers advice on how to prepare your pets to weather winter in a healthy way. Two other companies dedicated to helping pets stay safe and warm in winter join the show, Steve Vernick tells us about Safe Paw, a non-toxic ice melter and Susan Strible joins us from Ruff Wear, performance gear for dogs on the go.

Listen to Win contest–enter now!

*Read a recent blog post by Dr. Marty Becker, Weather Proof Your Dogs and Cats in Time for Winter.

*Read about Safe Paw’s “pawsome” Facebook contest for kids!


*Check out Chilly’s Quinzee jacket from Ruff Wear!


Chilly’s pet gift picks for 2012:

According to a recent survey, 51% of pets will get a holiday gift this holiday season! On average, pet parents will spend $46 for that treat. Below are Chilly’s top picks for pet gifts this year, starting with pet presents under $20.

Pet Gifts Under $20!

Angry Birds pet toys: Available at mass merchants, grocery stores and online merchants. $3.00-10.99

Kyjen Smart Dog Puzzle Toys: and Petco for $8-$12.

Humunga tongue, mustache and lips chew/fun toy. Available at $12 ea or $10 for 2 or more. Free gift wrap.

Pampered Pets on a Budget book… 25% savings on the paperback thru Dec 15. Go to Paperback $11.99 or Kindle version $9.99.

Pet n’ Shape treats: Healthy, all natural freeze dried chicken liver, peanut butter, banana. Starting at $2.99 at

Smart Bones: Healthy alternative to raw hide from $4.99-12.99 at

JW Dog Toys: Durable, patented honeycomb design makes for a bouncy fetch ball, but also a stretchy tug toy.  Stuff a treat inside and watch your pooch work it!

Catty Stacks: Eco friendly, economical and made in the USA at just $15 a box. Go to to find a local retailer or purchase on line.

Frolicat: Twitch, Sway and Bolt toys, all under $20 at or a pet supply store near you.

Pet Gifts Starting Under $100

The Pet Loo: Three sizes available ranging from $99-$149. Wee Care supplies available for easy clean up. Visit for training videos and details.

Tagg The Pet Tracker: Normally, $199, now available for just $99 at, with family plans available.

KatKabin: For sleeping and scratching, the Scratch Kabin is $99 at pet stores and

Kurgo & Sherpa: Harnesses in 4 sizes, $19-29, booster seat is $60 for dogs up to 30 pounds at Sherpa carriers $90,

Ruff Wear: Omnijore Joring Harness, Quinzee jacket and performance booties at


Pet obesity is an epidemic in our country. Fifty three percent of dogs and cats in America are overweight or obese, therefore subject to serious health complications or premature death as a result. Dr. Ernie Ward, author of Chow Hounds and top dog in the battle against pet obesity joins Kristen Levine to talk about prevention and healthy pet lifestyles. Listen to win one of the pet must haves for 2012! This week’s show kicks off a contest featuring over $500 in pet prizes.


Dr. Ernie Ward:

Pet Obesity:

Listen to win:
Secret Question: Has your pet been naughty or nice?


Pet health insurance is commonplace in the United Kingdom, but only 3-5% of U.S. pet parents hold a policy for their best friends. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance founder, Steve Siadek explains how pet insurance works and how to carefully chose one that’s right for you. Another “how to” comes to us from Merrick Pet Care, how to read a pet food label, and how to save on your pet budget tips from Pampered Pets on a Budget.


Get a free quote at:

Check out reviews, ratings and opinions on various pet health insurance providers at

Listeners will be treated to a 10% lifetime discount by entering promo code “RadioBeastro”!

WIN—Starting Dec. 1st, log into Kristen’s Facebook page to learn how to win awesome prizes before the new year!


Show #9 Road Rules for Safe Holiday Pet Travel

According to, sixty percent of pet parents travel over 50 miles with their pet last year and seventy–one percent indicated that their pets safety is their primary concern when planning travel. Megan Blake and Tout Suite the travel kitty join Kristen to talk about safety precautions before you hit the road. Camp Bow Wow offers peace of mind solutions for those who cannot take their pet along for the ride.

JENNY AND WRIGLEY: Thanks to Jenny Brandhorst for sharing her scary tale about Wrigley’s recovery from a terrible auto accident. See Wrigley’s before and after photos. He’s doing great these days and Jenny never travels without putting Wrigley in a kitty carrier for safety. Lesson learned.





Keep up with Megan Blake, Tout Suite the travel kitty and Super Smiley at Pet Life Radio.

Surf for pet auto restraint systems.


Thanks to Dacia Henshaw at Camp Bow Wow. Check for a location near you and hurry up to make holiday reservations!

WIN: $50 Gift Coupon to Camp Bow Wow!  Be the first to email Kristen to “beg” for the prize!



Fetch Kristen’s new book, Pampered Pets on a Budget: Caring for your pet without losing your tail!







Caring for a pet doesn’t have to break the bank. Kristen Levine invites her co-author, Jeff Barnes, to share the secrets to saving smartly in their new book, Pampered Pets on a Budget, Caring for Your Pet Without Losing Your Tail. Also, Stacy Mantle of offers online saving secrets for pet parents, and find out what’s in the prize kennel at the tail end of the show.


Stacy’s new book, Shepherd’s Moon

Prize Kennel:Pet n’ Shape: The first three listeners to email us about the show ( will receive a bag of premium Pet n’ Shape treats!













Pet obesity is an epidemic in our country. Fifty three percent of dogs and cats in America are overweight or obese and subject to serious health complications or premature death as a result. Dr. Ernie Ward, author of Chow Hounds and top dog in the battle against pet obesity joins Kristen Levine to talk about prevention and healthy pet lifestyles. Pet fitness camps and a chat with Petcurean Pet Nutrition round out this comprehensive pet fit show.





Dr. Ernie Ward:

Pet Obesity

Morris Animal Inn

Petcurean Pet Nutrition


HOW TO WIN THIS WEEK’S PRIZE: Three lucky winners will win a 6-pound bag of Petcurean Pet Nutrition dog or cat food.  Simply dial 866-864-6112 and give the password, “Radio Beastro” to the customer service representative. Petcurean will take care of the rest!

Chef Lisa’s Special Holiday “People Treat” (not for pets!):

Fresh Apple Crisp with Oatmeal and Cranberry


1 1/2 cups water

1 1/2 cups (packed) light brown sugar

1/2 stick butter, melted

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 1/4 teaspoons cinnamon

3/4 teaspoon nutmeg

2 1/2 pounds cooking apples, cored and cut into wedges

1 1/2 cups oatmeal

1 stick butter, cut into small pieces and at room temperature

1 cup dried cranberries


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. In a mixing bowl, combine the water, 3/4 cup brown sugar, melted butter, 2 tablespoons of the flour, salt, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, and 1/2 teaspoon of grated nutmeg, whisk until smooth. Place the apples in a 9 by 2-inch glass baking dish (10 cup) and pour the liquid sugar mixture over the apples. Mix well. In a mixing bowl, combine the remaining 3/4 cup brown sugar, remaining 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, remaining 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg, 1 1/2 cups flour, oatmeal, butter and cranberry. Using your fingers, work the mixture together until it resembles a coarse crumb-like mixture. Sprinkle the oatmeal topping over the top of the apple mixture. Bake for 1 hour, or until the apples are tender and the crust is golden. Remove from the oven and cool completely. Place a spoonful of the crispy into each serving container and cover tightly with a lid.



With the holiday season just around the corner, some of our pets have bad manners that will annoy our guests and embarrass us! There’s time to polish those bad habits if you’re willing to commit to a bit of retraining. Greg Kleva, professional Dog Behavioral Therapist and Master Trainer with Bark Busters Home Dog Training joins us today to offer solutions to our listeners. Also, Sue Potter from Bissell teaches us how to tackle the toughest pet stains of all.

Didn’t get your question answered on the show? Tune in to hear Greg Kleva, each Thursday evening at 8pm on “It’s A Dog’s Life” on Martha Stewart Radio, Sirius XM 110.  Greg takes your calls live on air.

For a Bark Busters trainer near you, visit

This week’s giveaway: 3 left! Pee Eww Pet Urine Stain/Odor Remover Kit (complete with black light!)


Next up we have Tech Treats with Baxter the Wonder Schnauzer… by Lauren Spencer:)

As the human in this relationship, I know I’m supposed to be the pack leader. But I’m ashamed to admit that the power dynamic has been shifting since day one, putting Baxter and I on pretty equal footing as we battle for the top dog position. For the longest time I thought I was training him, but as it turns out he’s training me. Case in point… I give him a treat whenever he goes into his kennel… so now he goes into his kennel, and I give him a treat. Baxter 1. Lauren 0. Time to call in the high tech toys.

Stain Solver

BISSELL Homecare, Inc. (FREE)

Carpet stains. Upholstery stains. Ugh. When they happen, you need quick access to solutions that you can trust. Enter the BISSELL Stain Solver: tips and techniques for over 100 stains, developed by the BISSELL floor care experts.

Cesar Says…

National Geographic Society (FREE)

Carry Cesar Millan quotes in your pocket! This soundboard features a variety of Cesar’s well-known quotes and his signature ‘Tsst!’ used to remind dogs, and people, who the pack leader is.

Smart Dog Training

The Trustee for Tirolia Trust ($1.99)

Complete video based lesson plan to help you train your dog. An entire training course for the price of a sandwich!

•           Featuring twelve easy to follow video-based lessons. Perfect to take with you to the park, beach or backyard!

•           Each lesson has an accompanying set of slides to help you learn and instruct your dog at your own pace.

•           Download lessons over WiFi, or individually.

•           Alternatively, stream high or low quality video straight to your phone over 3G.

•           Useful notepad to keep track of your training progress.


Tyler Bowers LLC ($0.99)

Keep track of your dog’s food and potty breaks! For times when Fido can’t join along, this app allows your dog’s caretaker to send you updates on when your dog was fed, walked, or given medications. If you’re a professional dog sitter, you can use this app to send time-stamped e-mail reports after each walk, or dog sitting session, to your clients.

Dog Whistle

Wawa Mobile (FREE)

This app offers whistle frequencies up to 20,000 kilohertz and mimics various dog whistles to help train your dog to do tricks.  It also has a “bark detector” that triggers a whistle tone when the dog’s sound level exceeds a certain threshold.

 Pet Acoustics

Pet Acoustics ($1.99)

This app gives you streaming music designed especially for your dog, cat or horse. For pets that are afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks or other loud noises, this app plays soothing music to help keep them relaxed. Helps relieve stress while you wait at the vet’s office!

Show #5: Howl-o-Ween — A Tricky Holiday for Pets

Halloween is second only to the Fourth of July as the second busiest day for lost and found departments at animal shelters. Today’s show is about protecting your pet from becoming a lost pet statistic. Kristen Levine talks about pet I.D. must haves and Dave Vigil from Snaptracs visits to talk about the latest innovation to monitor your pet’s location, Tagg-The Pet Tracker. Chilly gives away SmartBones and Kitty Boinks to listeners’ pets.

Having a missing pet is a frightening experience, but even worse, are the statistics about lost pets.

  • A family pet is lost every 2 sec (27,000 a day!)
  • Only 15% of lost pets are reunited with their families
  • Fewer than 5 % of cats and 15% of dogs entering shelters are wearing identification


See Spot wear Tagg!

Tagg and charging station



Halloween Edition of “Tech Treats” with Baxter the Wonder Schnauzer…

If you’re into gadgets there’s a 50% chance that you’re a geek… okay, it’s actually a 99.9% chance, but I say this with love because Baxter and myself are both geeks. But unlike me, Baxter doesn’t get much of a chance to express his inner geek… he doesn’t have an office he can decorate with vinyl toys and his lack of opposable thumbs prevents him from playing the Xbox or PS3.

But this Halloween is your chance to let’s your pooch’s geek flag fly… and we’re going to share a few costume ideas that will help you do just that!

Star Wars Costumes ($9.99 – $12.99)

In 1977, George Lucas created the Star Wars Trilogy, an epic saga that would come to define a generation. Star Wars would play an integral role in the childhood of millions of children worldwide. And with the help of these costumes, Star Wars can play an integral role in your dog’s Halloween (and just to be clear we’re talking about the the original films here, not the prequels…. We don’t speak of the prequels). Yoda, Darth Vader, Princess Leia… Each costume contains a headpiece, jumpsuit, and attached human arms.

All three are available at Think Geek.

There is an awesome photo of an Italian greyhound dressed as an AT-AT floating around the interwebs… he’s actually gotten so internet famous that he has his own Facebook Page… Bones Mello the At-At Dog.

Video Game Characters (Starting at $35.00)

Baxter’s research turned up a real gem at the Gypsy Eyes Clothing store on Etsy. They sell a dog costume patterned after Yoshi from Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise.

FYI: If you’re a fan of J.K Rowling’s work, they also carry Harry Pawter and Hermione Granger dog costumes.

Comic Book Superheroes

DC is more fairly represented in the pet costume world than Marvel…

Batman (more than one style is available: the 1960’s Adam West version, and the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight version)


Wonder Woman


Flexi PC Pet ID Tag ($14.99)

The Flexi PC Pet ID Tag is a rugged USB drive that is waterproof and shock proof, and easily attached to your pets collar. This product is no longer available at the Think Geek online store, but can be purchased on

LED Collars ($22.95-$49.99)

Or go low tech with a Glowdoggie™ LED collar. This German-engineered safety light collar will make sure your dog stays visible, and safe, when you’re trick or treating together. ($49.99)

Baxter also likes Flash Dog’s LED collars ($22.95). Their website,, reminds me of the movie TRON. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

Have you seen that video of the Pomeranian dressed in a TRON costume playing Donkey Kong… we’ll post a link for you on the Pet Beastro website!

Pet Pedometer ($19.99)

This pedometer for your pooch is durable, water resistant, easily attached to your pet’s collar and features a step counter and activity timer. You can calculate exactly how many steps it took before your dog tried to divest himself of his or her costume!


Show #11 Chow Hounds

Pet obesity is an epidemic in our country. Fifty three percent of dogs and cats in America are overweight or obese, therefore subject to serious health complications or premature death as a result. Dr. Ernie Ward, author of Chow Hounds and top dog in the battle against pet obesity joins Kristen Levine to talk about prevention and healthy pet lifestyles. Listen to win one of the pet must haves for 2012! This week’s show kicks off a contest featuring over $500 in pet prizes.


Dr. Ernie Ward:

Pet Obesity:

Listen to win:
Secret Question: Has your pet been naughty or nice?


Understanding the human component of the equation is the real key to creating safe communities where dogs live. When things go wrong and a human is injured by a dog, the circumstances leading up to the incident is what created the occurrence, not the breed of the dog.  People often want to believe that breed is the cause because it is finite and easier to understand, but statistics show that circumstances are more accurate dog bite or dog attack predictors.

Laura Petrolino of  joins Kristen to talk about changing the perception of pit bulls through education.

American Human Association Stats

-92% of fatal dog attacks involve male dogs, which were not neutered

-72% of fatal dog attacks involved chained dogs

-50% of dog attacks involve unsupervised children under 12-years of age

-25 different breeds of dogs have been involved in over 200 fatal dog attacks in the U.S.

Dangerous Dog Checklist: There are certain criteria that are consistently present in dog-related injuries. A non-profit group called is working to change public perception and to improve the lives of pit bulls and other breeds that are dubbed dangerous. They created a Dangerous Dog Checklist–a reference checklist for the ingredients that, when mixed together, have the potential to create dangerous dogs.

So, what’s missing from the list above? The breed of the dog is not a checklist item. That’s because any dog, of any breed or breed mix, can become dangerous in the hands of a reckless, irresponsible owner. We also have to use our common sense and supervise children around pets. There is a human component in any dog related incident and it’s important for us to understand what those are, so that we can be aware of what stressors can lead to a dog being aggressive.

 FYI…AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIERS were a sign of dignity and strength in American in the early 20th century. An American Pit Bull Terrier was the first decorated canine war veteran, Hellen Keller had a pitbull named Sir Thomas, Petey on the Littel Rascals was a pit bull and Buster Brown’s dog was a pit bull.  Sadly, many American’s now fear this breed and others, primarily because of the way some groups of people have chosen to use them and abuse them. PIT BULL AWARENESS DAY IS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22 “BLESS THE BULLIES”.

Next up we have Tech Treats with Baxter the Wonder Schnauzer…

Baxter loves Facebook… he even has his own Facebook page! Why a PAGE and not a PROFILE? Although he vehemently denies it, Baxter is a dog, and as such he’s not allowed to have a profile. Profiles are for people ONLY, and so a canine that creates a profile for themselves is actually violating Facebook’s terms of service and risks having their profile deleted without warning… and as if that weren’t bad enough, he has to access his account via his iPhone because I won’t let him actually use my laptop… but that doesn’t stop him from logging on every chance he gets. He mainly uses the social media network to keep tabs on his favorite animal welfare and advocacy groups, and keep in touch with his diverse pack of doggie friends, which includes a rescued pitbull mix named Mr. Bugglesworth!


So, in honor of Mr. Bugglesworth and this week’s Pet Beastro Topic, Pitbull Awareness, we’re going to be reviewing Baxter’s favorite pro-pitbull Facebook pages… See them at right side of this blog!



Show #3 Bring Out the “Inner Kitty” in Your Cat

This week’s show is a tribute to cats! There are 86.4 million pet cats in the US—about 10 % more than dogs. But while they are the favorite pet, they tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to having an enriching, engaging home environment. There’s a lot to be learned about how you can help your cats live a healthier more adventurous life—in the safety of their own home! Sandy Robins, pet lifestyle expert, uncovers the latest products designed to add adventure your feline’s home, and Pam Johnson Bennett, certified cat behavior consultant helps us to “think like a cat” so we can better understand their behavior.


Sandy Robins: pet lifestyle expert, journalist and author

Pam Johnson Bennett: certified cat behavior consultant

New Feline Enrichment Products:

Frolicat TWITCH  – battery-operated toy that can be present so that your cat can play when you are away. It   automatically bounces and swings to tease and enticing teaser feline enthusiasts..

The Catitude  - A cat condo that looks like a real tree – stylish and fun

Catty Stacks — Cat furniture has never been so fun! You already know your cat loves playing, hiding, nesting, stalking, and sleeping in almost any box. These industrial-strength boxes are made from incredibly strong Corrugated Ultraboard™ which is recycled, recyclable, and uses vegetable-based ink. Catty Stacks secure to each other forming stable structures and can be easily moved and rearranged, helping maintain your cat’s interest. Create climbing structures to promote healthy exercise. Excellent for multiple cats.

Treat Mazes – fun puzzle games for cats – basically they are interactive treat dispensers or food dispensers.

The Sunny Cat Bed – a window perch that has suction cups to attach to a window or glass door to give cats a purrfect view of the world outside.

Today’s Prize: Kitty Katnapper Hideaway Bed


Nyan Cat iPhone Game:

Nyan Cat Lost in Space – $0.99

YouTube Video:

Etsy Crafts:

Facebook Page:

 Cat Paint

This handy $0.99 app is the premier cat-based image editor for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and allows you to add cats to any photo!

Effortlessly add any of sixteen adorable cats to your photos using an intuitive gesture interface… Select a cat from the menu, tap anywhere on your photo to place it. Pinch to rotate and scale. Thanks to the lastest update, cats now come equipped with lasers, for inter-galactic kitty-combat!

Endorsed by Taylor Swift, James Franco, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, and Emma Stone. Used by NASA Mission Control (actually!). Featured on Gizmodo, MacWorld, CNET, Discover Magazine, and most of the internet.


·                            Use photos from your library, or take a new one.

·                            Choose from sixteen cat “brushes”

·                            Cats meow as they are placed. Adorable!

·                            Paint, move, scale, flip, and erase, for complete control of cat placement

·                            Lasers! Kitties are now fully enabled with laser eyes.

·                            Email your creations to friends and foes alike

·                            Share using Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook

·                            Save photos to your Camera Roll


Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats!

This Purina Friskies YouTube Video was filmed from a feline POV… 25 “kitty filmmakers” sported collars equipped with video cameras to create the four-minute short.

Thanks a handy little gadget called the Eyenimal, your cat (or dog) can likewise document their waking moments for $134.

•            8GB built-in Flash memory

•            Recording format AVI

•            Voice recorder with built-in microphone

•            USB transfer

•            Video capture resolution: 680 x 480 pixels

•            Video capture at 29 frames per second

•            Battery charging via USB connection

•            Battery life: 2 and a half hours

•            Weight: 35g

There’s a much cheaper option out there that takes static photos, rather than video called the Pet’s Eye View Camera. This lightweight, compact digital camera clips to your pet’s collar and carries a $40 price tag

•            Auto interval settings (1, 5, and 15 minutes).

•            Internal memory stores up to 40 photos.

•            640 x 480 resolution for 4 x 6 prints.

•            Includes USB cable for uploading photos.

•            PC and Mac Compatible.

•            Includes rechargeable Lithium-ion 100 mAh battery.


DJ Cat Scratch Turntable

Check out the hook while your kitty revolves it!

This isn’t an Internet meme, so much as a really cool, geeky cat product.

Baxter is a huge fan of video games, and one of his recent obsessions is DJ Hero… and if your cat feels the same they are going to LOVE this cat scratch turntable from English product design company SUCK UK. This cardboard, mixing deck-shaped cat scratching mat – with spinnable deck and poseable tone arm.

Available from Perpetual Kid for $35:


Show #2: Dog Mountain, with guest Gwen Huneck

There’s a special place for dog worshipers in St. Johnsbury, Vermont called Dog Mountain, and there’s no better time to visit than this fall. The late, great artist Stephen Huneck created Dog Mountain and the infamous Dog Chapel in 2000. Today, it’s become a meaningful destination for dogs and their people to play, to pray and to discover beautiful art that celebrates pets. Gwen Huneck, wife and loving caretaker of Dog Mountain joins Kristen to talk about why people travel from all over the globe to experience the charm and spirituality of this magical place. Also, since autumn is an awesome time to snap photos of your pets, listeners will be treated to Baxter the Wonder Schnauzer’s Tech Treats — cell phone camera photo tips for snapping sweet shots of your pets this fall.

Dog Mountain:

Giveaway: The first 6 listeners to go my Facebook Page and post a photo of their adopted pet and where they adopted them will receive Bissell’s new “Pee Eww” kit, complete with black light to detect urine stains!

Tech Treats with Baxter the Wonder Schnauzer (and Lauren Spencer)–Take Great Pics of Your Pets this Fall

Actually, Baxter couldn’t be here today because… he’s prepping for a one-dog retrospective at the Guggenheim. He is a huge photography buff… his favorite subject is bacon (specifically hickory smoked maple bacon).
So today, in honor of Baxter’s favorite artistic medium,  we’re going to be sharing digital camera tips to help you capture both your pet and the changing colors of fall in the best light…
Any time of year is a great time to snap a photograph of your pet, but Fall, in particular, is a great time to move those shots outdoors… And since most smartphones on the market have five to eight megapixel cameras with zoom, led flash, autofocus, and other great features… the means to capture the colorful fall foliage will never be far from your fingertips!
Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your smartphone, or digital point and shoot, camera:
Photograph around sunrise and sunset for the best light and color.
These times of day have a brilliant quality to the light that yields great photos. That’s because when you take your pics 1-2 hours after the sun rises or before it sets… the sun is at a perfect angle to make the colors warmer, really bringing out the reds and golds, and provides a softer, more flattering natural light… you also get some nice shadows which add depth to your photos.
It can be a challenge to get your dog to sit still for a photo… it’s recommended that you either tire him out or distract him with treats. I get some of the best Baxter photos once he’s exhausted himself fetching tennis balls or playing tug… his tongue is usually hanging out of his mouth and he’s too tired to fidget…
Work a long walk into your leaf-peeping schedule, prior to busting out your camera. Not only will it work to wear down your dog, but it will also provide a nice opportunity to take in the scenery and scout out the best photo locations.
Another way to get your pup to sit still and look at the camera is to have some treats handy. Hold a treat in one hand while holding your camera in the other to direct your dog’s attention… I find an almost-empty jar of peanut butter quite effective.
Natural light is always your best bet. A flash can set off red eye or reflections (aka laser beam eyes)… so if you’re using an iPhone 4 or a HTC Evo you’ll need to turn off the LED flash… and another great tip if you’re using an iPhone 4, try turning on the high dynamic range (HDR) setting.
When you have the HDR setting engaged the camera will automatically capture three photos of the scene — each with different exposure levels. Your iPhone will layer the shots together to create a single photo that combines the best elements of each shot and more accurately represents the wide range of light in the scene. Both the regular shot and the HDR photo appear in the Camera Roll.

Many photos have a camera-phone look not because of the hardware but because of the typical camera-phone angle: eye level, far from the subject. To get the best photos, shoot from unique perspectives.
Getting on the same level as your pet is a great way to capture some dramatic, yet natural shots. To help reduce camera shake, take a deep breath before you take the shot.
Universal Wide Angle/Macro Lens attachment for your camera phone… available from the Photojojo store for $20:
Works with any camera phone and attaches/detaches via a magnetic ring that sticks to your cell, providing a sturdy, shake-free hold between the lens and your phone.
The removable Macro ring allows you to capture close-up details, while the Wide Angle Lens allows you to cram more into one shot.

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